We export more than 20,000 tons of Ecuadorian shrimp of the highest quality in America, Europe and Asia.

With more than 30 years of experience and deep knowledge, we guarantee quality and safety to millions of families around the world.



Tons exported annually


Years of experience


Export ports


Daily pounds of process and freeze capacity


Consolidate nationally and internationally as a leading company in the quality of its products with excellence in service and seeking continuous improvement to ensure its sustainability over time.


We are a shrimp processing and exporting company worldwide, committed to the quality and safety of its products and the care of the environment, adding value to our customers and suppliers meeting the expectations of our shareholders and collaborators.


To obtain a product of excellent quality the raw material goes through a process that makes the final result reach the customer in optimal conditions.

Raw material

We select only certified and quality shrimp of outstanding category.


We separate the raw material according to its size, subjecting the product to quality controls that guarantee the homogeneity and purity of the product.


We pack our product in strong and continuously controlled boxes according to the customized needs of our customers.


We freeze the product in cameras with technology that ensures maintaining the necessary temperature according to the type of product and customer requirements.


Through a technical planning and according to the requirement of our customers, the product is sent in inspected containers, guarded and controlled by a temperature control system.